Laurels and Roses

Queen of Lies

Life in England been relatively stable since the end of the War of the Roses. Henry and Katharine are creating a court to rival the finest in Europe. Unfortunately, for Eris, the goddess of discord, this simply will not do. Mortals have been become too complacent and require some chaos to keep them on their toes. While Eris is set on upending life in King Henry VIII's court, her mortal daughter, Phillipa, is determined to stop her.

Queen of Love and Beauty

After a visit from Athena, Aphrodite and her mortal daughter, Jocelyn, decide to place Anne Boleyn in Henry VIII's path, hoping to make her the next Queen of England. But Hera is not ready to see her chosen, Queen Katharine, unseated. When Hera sends an assassin to stop them, Jocelyn and Aphrodite must strike a deal with Hades to save Anne. Unfortunately, things are not what they seem and Jocelyn soon finds herself embroiled in the ancient grievances of Mount Olympus.

Queen of Crows

Gwen Wyatt is tired of the gods. Cursed by Hades, used by Hera, attacked by Aphrodite, she's had her fill. But when Hera arrives with a simple proposition; help protect Princess Mary from the scheming Boleyns and Aphrodite and earn the protection of Hera. Gwen quickly finds she cannot refuse the queen of the gods.

Unfortunately, nothing is ever simple. When the daughters of Eris and Aphrodite arrive with startling accusations about the gods and a request for help, Gwen finds herself embroiled in the ancient hurts of Olympus once again.