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Join me as I recap all 180 episodes of The Golden Girls. Updates will be on Sundays.

S01 E01 Pilot

S01 E02 Guess Who's Coming to the Wedding

S01 E03 Rose the Prude

S01 E04 Transplant

S01 E05 The Triangle

S01 E06 On Golden Girls

S01 E07 The Competition

S01 E08 The Break In

S01 E09 Blanche and the Younger Man

S01 E10 The Heart Attack

S01 E11 Stan's Return

S01 E12 The Custody Battle

S01 E13 A Little Romance

S01 E14 That was no Lady

S01 E15 In a Bed of Rose's

S01 E16 The Truth Will Out