The Death Dealer

Fallen Grace

Branded a witch and exiled after a dishonorable display at the king’s annual tournament, quiet Grace Hilren is forced to uproot her life of luxury as a lord’s daughter and move to the slums of the port city, Glenbard. But Grace carries a secret. Though trained to be a fine lady, she also learned to handle a sword and has made it her mission to eradicate evil and injustice where she finds it. Even in exile, Grace continues her work under the given name of Death Dealer. Her nightly deeds bring her to the notice of the self-proclaimed King of Thieves, Marcus. When the king’s power is threatened by a rival named Mac, the Death Dealer unwittingly becomes a pawn in the struggle between thieves for control of the lower city. The game becomes dangerous as Grace realizes she may not be able to best this usurper.

By Grace Alone

When a city guard is killed in cold blood, the dishonored noblewoman Grace Hilren finds her adopted city fraying at the edges. The powerful Thieves’ Guild is out for vengeance, the city guard, for justice. Both sides turn to the Death Dealer for assistance. Disillusioned and frustrated at being asked to kill the culprit for one side or bring him to justice for the other, Grace finds she must decide how she will proceed to keep violence from erupting across the city. With neither time nor allies on her side, how will the Death Dealer succeed at her self-appointed mission?

Grace of the Goddess

When Grace Hilren fled the city of Glenbard she left the alias of Death Dealer behind her. Living in relative peace in her home of Arganis word reaches her that someone else has taken up her old identity and used it to murder a Glenbard city magistrate. The disaster seems too far away to do anything about until it makes its way to Arganis. Suddenly Grace finds herself at the center of a plot that could get her and everyone she loves charged with treason.

Back in Glenbard Jack and Ridley watch as the city they love falls apart amid tensions. The people are starving, the Thieves’ Guild is breaking apart, and now the only magistrate holding the city together has been murdered. When Jack’s past catches up to him he finds himself in a unique position to keep Glenbard from descending into complete chaos. With a country between them can Grace and her friends survive long enough to be reunited?


Chaos has descended on Glenbard. The people are starving, martial law has been imposed, and the country is marshalling for war. With the King of Thieves arrested a violent upstart has stepped into his place, leaving the people too terrified to take stand. From her cell in prison, Grace Hilren can only watch and scheme.

Chosen by Glenbard's patron goddess, Grace is filled with a grim determination to save her city and its people. But Grace's foe isn't a petty thief or highwayman, now she faces the crown itself. With sword in hand Grace will do whatever is needed to bring justice to the land.

The Complete Series

Lady - Outlaw - Hero

Forced to uproot her life of luxury, Grace Hilren finds herself living in the slums as an exile of the king's court. Most see her as nothing more than a soft noblewoman, but Grace carries a secret. Though reared to be a fine lady, she also learned how to handle a sword and made it her mission to eradicate injustices where she finds them. Under the guise of the Death Dealer, Grace allies herself with pirates and thieves, knights and princes, as she navigates her new world. Courageous and a bit foolhardy, Grace fights against highwaymen, murderers, and even kings in the name of justice and the common good.