Katie Roman Books

I offer ghostwriting and manuscript editing/critique services. If you have always wanted to write a book, but couldn't find the words or have written a book and want help punching it up, I'm here to help you. I'm not just a pretty face that blogs about The Golden Girls. I invoice through PayPal.

Send me an email at [email protected] to discuss your project. 


"I've worked with Katie several times and her stories are consistently excellent. She's a very talented author who is able to craft exquisite stories from complex plot outlines. The delivery is always on time, and communication is also excellent. Recommended!" -Rami 

"Katie is a brilliant storyteller. Both times we’ve worked together, she hit it on the nose of what I was thinking. Not only did she impress me with her top-notch quality of writing and managing to adapt to the “voice” of my characters but also her ability to complete my projects in such a short amount of time. I love the way she’s managed to amend and convert my storylines into such fascinating and page-turner books. Katie was fabulous to work with. I highly recommend her for future projects. She will definitely be my choice again." -Kiaro

"Katie is a dream to work with!Her writing is amazing and she captures every emotion and feel for the story.She brought the story to life and I was impressed with her attention to detail.She is very friendly and knows very well how to make me satisfied with her writing." -Alan



10,000 words and under - $35

The 10,000 words price is the base rate for all projects. For anything 10,000 and above the price is $0.008 a word. It would look at follows

20,000 words = $160

30,000 words = $240

40,000 words = $320

50,000 words = $400

You will be invoiced based on the actual number of words written once the project is is complete. Please note there is a deposit required before starting a project.

Completion time will vary on size of the work and complexity. I will do my best to get a final product out in a few weeks.

The below completion times are estimates

20,000 = 25 days

40,000 = 50 days

50,000 = 60 days